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Exceptional Expressions of Espresso

(SKU ID: PEE02 )

Rs. 3,000


Breaking down the ingredient ratios of 23 exquisite espresso-based drinks, this chart is a world tour of the purest form of coffee, from the straight-up varieties like the Doppio and Lungo to frothy drinks like the Cappuccino and Latte to less celebrated (yet no less delicious) concoctions such as the Galao and the CaféBombon. 

Designed in collaboration with Orbit Visual Graphic Design (and based on their "Espresso Field Guide"), each print is signed by the artists and numbered from a first printing of 500 and comes packaged in a custom Test Tube.

Product Details:
 • Size: 18" x 24“
 • Product Code: PEE02
 • MRP Without Frame: Rs. 2,000

The poster is made using 100 lb. archival recycled stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, that is pressed in Flatlands, Brooklyn, with vegetable-based inks.

Brand: Pop Chart Lab (USA)