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Sensor Tray Night Lamp


Rs. 2,500


Tired of looking for your things in the dark? The Sensor Tray Night Lamp prevents you from fumbling around in the darkness thanks to its touch sensitive lighting. Designed to hold everything important from your mobile phone, wallet, keys, watch and glasses – this tray lights up on touch.

Best for a bedside table – touch any side of the Sensor Tray Night Lamp and the top surface lights up everything on it – serving as an excellent nightlight!

You can adjust the brightness of the Sensor Tray Night Lamp so that it does not hurt your eyes when you wake up at night, and can quickly go back to sleep. All you have to do is keep your fingers pressed against the side of the tray to alter the brightness.

Package Details
 • 1 Touch sensitive tray light
 • 1 USB cable with power adapter
 • Dimensions: 5in x 8.1in
 • Product Code: STNL01