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Mini Manual Mill

(SKU ID: 0716453 )

Rs. 1,999


Shake up your spices. Salt and pepper is always side by side with this compact mill. Prefilled with coarse sea salt and peppercorns, all it takes is a twist.

Turn clockwise for pepper and counter-clockwise for salt. The ceramic grinders can be adjusted independently for salt and pepper, ensuring consistent size with every grind. Its 3¼" size makes it perfect for the table.

Product Details:
 • Turn clockwise for pepper, anti-clockwise for salt
 • Prefilled with sea salt and peppercorns
 • Dimensions: 2.6 x2.1 x3.4 in.
 • Ceramic grinder never rusts
 • Nonslip, soft-touch finish
 • Takes minimal space
 • Colours: Available in Red, Green and Black
 • Product Code: 0716453

Brand: Trudeau (North America)